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      After decades long patent disputes and drawn out law suits which eventually were resolved in favor of the Wrights, Wright Aeronautical and Curtis Aeroplane and Motor Company merged to become the Curtis-Wright Company around 1929.

      Rich in history, this facility was originally an aeroplane manufacturing and R&D facility for Curtis-Wright Company.  After years of abandonment we are fortunate to be involved in the salvaging of the excellent Heart Pine Timbers and Decking.
      Glen Curtis, an aviator and inventor who worked with Alexander Graham Bell as part of Bell's Aerial Experiment Association, eventually went on to form his own company, Curtis Aeroplane and Motor Company, which became the largest aircraft manufacturer during WWI.  At one point they were producing 100 aitcraft in a single week, and over 10,000 during the course of the war.

      The Wright Brothers, Wilbur & Orville, credited with the first airplane flight in 1903, had their own destiny.  During WWI the partnership Wright-Martin manufactured many airplane engines, employing as many as 15,000 workers.  By wars end, the government contracts ran out and the work force dropped to a mere 300.  The partnership disolved and Martin went on to be a successful airplane manufacturer, eventually becoming Lockheed-Martin.  In due course, the Wright Brothers formed Wright Aeronautical.