Big Wood is primarily a wholesaler of antique and salvaged woods.  Although we do a small amount of custom processing and manufacturing ourselves, our emphasis is business to business sales of truckload quantities.

    This is an interesting and exciting business. It allows us to save a unique resource that is environmentally friendly, and we get to be involved in some very dramatic and exciting projects. It does, however, have its pitfalls. Salvaged materials are unregulated by any agency, they are difficult to describe and categorize by any set of standards, and they have no established distribution system.
     Anyone that has worked with antique or salvaged materials for any length of time has undoubtedly experienced both heartache and frustration in some of their business dealings. At BigWood we understand and realize that our success is determined by the relationships we have with our clients. It is our goal to develop long term relationships based on good communication and fair business dealings.
     In order to best service our clients we like to keep in close contact with them and we strive to understand their business needs. This allows us to match our raw material with their finished products. We have considerable combined experience in the manufacturing and retail end of this business, so we can relate to the end customers needs.

To see some of the projects we are currently working on click the link below.
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