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    BigWood specializes in an onsite presence during the salvage and deconstruction phase. Reclaimed timber and lumber is salvaged, sorted, stacked, and bundled at the building site to maximize the amount of material salvaged, while minimizing damage and insuring the best match to customer's needs.  Lumber and timber is also sorted for species size, and quality. 

    Below you will find information about our services and specialties - whether you are a woodworking professional looking for salvaged and reclaimed lumber and timber products, or a demolition contractor or building owner with a structure that may have salvageable material.

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    At Bigwood, we specialize in the process of salvaging and reclaiming antique and hard to find native woods from all over North America.  These materials are selected, reclaimed, and salvaged for remanufacture and reuse.  Antique flooring, lumber, cabinetry, millwork, and dramatic timber frame and post and beam structures are the typical uses for these unique, beautiful, and historic woods.
    The management of Bigwood brings together a combined experience of more than 70 years in the wood and deconstruction fields.  We bring this expertise of timber, lumber, wood salvage and reclamation to each project and customer with the goal of matching the right material with the right use.  You will find us easy to work with, solution oriented, and committed to developing long term relationships. We strive for fair pricing, accurate quality representations, product variety, and a wide range of available services.
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